about Global Leader Accelerator


The GLA ( Global Leader Accelerator ) is a unique, immersive and transformational leadership development program. It takes young people who have already demonstrated the will and potential to lead, and gives them the opportunity to fast track the development of their skills and put that will to the test at One Young World, one of the largest global gatherings for young leaders.

GLOBAL because it prepares them and gives them practice in leading in Global situations with leaders from dozens of countries and cultures - not just "intercultural" with a couple of cultures
LEADERSHIP because it prepares them and gives them practice in Leading - creating new value to stakeholders, leading each other as a team to do so, and communicating the vision and strategy to stakeholders - rather than just managing projects that already exists.
ACCELERATOR because the GLA speeds up the evolution of the OYW Delegates from operational “Experts” who are focused on “my job” to high performing tactical “Achievers” to strategic “Catalysts” who use agile collaboration to create new value for stakeholders

The GLA and OYW add significant value to each other, accelerating the development of next-generation company and society leaders.



One Young World Japan Committee (日本委員会)まで直接お問合せ下さい。


The Global Leader Accelerator (GLA) is designed to develop your leaders to shine on the global stage at the One Young World Summit in The Hague in October 2018, with ongoing leadership workshops and coaching in Japan before and after the Summit.

In addition to attracting, strengthening, and retaining your organization’s next generation leaders (18~30 years old), your company can also expect to:

DEMONSTRATE your organization’s social commitment and values in alignment with Japanese government initiatives and UN SDGs
BUILD a sustainable network and community of next generation leaders who are connected to influential global leaders, Japanese leaders, and high-potential young leaders from over 190 countries
TAKE CONCRETE ACTION that aligns your organization’s core competency with the UN SDGs to maximize organizational value, social innovation, and national and global transformation
PRODUCE real results and DELIVER actual ROI with measurable outcomes from the projects the OYW ambassadors take on during the Global Leadership Accelerator program.


    • High Potential, High Performers
    • TOEIC : 800+
    • 1:1 ratio of women to men
    • 18 ~ 30 years old
    • Based in Japan


The Global Leader Accelerator (GLA) は2018年10月にデン・ハーグで開催されるOne Young World Summitという国際的舞台であなたの組織の将来リーダーが真にグローバルな見識と人脈を築き、帰国後には企業価値向上のために貢献する人財となることを支援するための継続的な育成プログラムです。このプログラムは、リーダーシップに関するワークショップやコーチングから構成されるもので、One Young World Summitを挟んで日本で実施されます。

また、このプログラムは、組織の次世代リーダー (18~30才)となるべき人材を組織に惹きつけ、強化し、繋ぎとめるだけでなく、次のような効果を生み出すことにもなります:

( 世界190カ国の有望なリーダーのコミュニティ )
国連のSDGsを念頭に置きながら、あなたの組織のコア・コンピテンシーを活かした具体的な行動を採ることで、組織の価値を最大化。また、同時に社会的イノベーションや国家的 及び 国際的な変革を推進
Global Leadership Acceleratorプログラムを通じてOYW参加者が取り組むプロジェクトにおける現実的な成果を生み出し、測定可能な結果を伴った価値を創出


    • 有望・ハイパフォーマー
    • TOEIC : 800点以上
    • 1:1 女性:男性比率
    • 18 ~ 30 才
    • 日本在住